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The PKG Group Offer Dealership Insurance | A Leader In Providing Liability Insurance Options for Auto & Car, Motorcycle and Boat & RV Dealerships



The PKG Group is an insurance agency that offers the best solutions for all your dealerships insurance needs. Our niche insurance products are most desirable and popular to Franchised Auto Dealers, Independent Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, and even Boat & RV Dealers. Get started now to find out what The PKG Group can do for your dealershipís insurance and request a Quote & Assessment.

Other aspects of your dealership may also be in need of a policy revision or reconsideration, such as your Service Department & Repair Garage Insurance or Dealer Plate Insurance Coverage. With these various aspects falling under the automotive industry rest assured that The PKG Group can prove the expertise and ensure the best coverage is in place to protect your dealership.

What Will Car Dealership Insurance Cover and Protect You Against

The answer is everything thatís a risk to your dealership. One example is if there was a hail storm or flood and your vehicles & merchandise was damaged. Another would be if a customer or sales person was in an accident while driving on a dealer plate. Again, if it has a relation to risk or liability most likely youíre going to need to Contact Us to File A Claim. These few examples are why itís vital to have the best car dealer insurance in place, not to mention that it could save you thousands in the case of a claim.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself about your current coverage:

  • Has your dealership grown since your insurance policy started?

  • Are you taking a proactive approach in your Garage & Service Center to ensure a safe work place and the lowest premium?

  • Are you clear on what is and is not covered under your current policy?

  • Have you adjusted your dealer plate insurance since adding/removing dealer demoís?

  • Have you received the attention and customer service you expected when you first signed your current auto dealer insurance policy?

If you have any uncertainty about one or more of those questions itís time to Contact Us for a custom tailored Quote & Assessment. If youíre starting to compare and shop policies please Contact Us by phone or email today and one of our professional staff members will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Choose Your Dealership Type To Continue Your Car Dealer Insurance Research

The PKG Group has never turned a client away based on their dealership size or the size of their policy. Simply put, thereís no policy too big or too small for The PKG Group. Please select your dealership type below to continue your research and read more About Us.

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