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At The Package Group, we offer a wide array of General, Business, and Commercial Liability Insurance coverage for the Automotive Car Dealer Industry and Businesses. Our specialty insurance products are geared to suit your business' needs at the car dealership level and include policies ranging from Car Dealers insurance to garage & collision facility insurance. But we don't stop there. If your business has any relation to the auto dealership we can offer you some of the most competitive insurance options available whether you're a motorcycle dealer, used car dealer, new car dealer. The Package Group has an elite team of professionals that caters to Rental Fleet insurance needs for stand alone locations or on-site rentals at your dealership. Simply put, The Package Group is your Car Dealer insurance and General Business insurance agency. You'll find our website to be very useful, informative, and a great resource during your search for car dealer insurance or business insurance. Be sure to explore our pages and in the case you don't find the information you're looking for contact us so we can further assist you. We also offer a no obligation assessment of your current policy so if you have questions about your auto dealer insurance policy please Contact Us at your convenience. You may also be shopping for a new dealer liability policy for your dealership, repair facility, or maybe you're interested in exploring our dealer plate insurance & coverage products and options. If so, be sure to visit our Quotes & Assessment page.

You can find out more information About The Package Group, right here on our website. We encourage that you Contact Us with any questions regarding your Dealership Liability Insurance. Our professional and experienced staff will gladly answer your questions or assist you in Filing A Claim.

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The Package Group is an insurance agency that offers the best solutions for all your dealership's insurance needs. Our niche insurance products are most desirable and popular to Franchised Auto Dealers, Independent Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, and even Boat & RV Dealers. Get started now to find out what The Package Group can do for your dealership's insurance and request a Quote & Assessment.

Other aspects of your dealership may also be in need of a policy revision or reconsideration, such as your Service Department & Repair Garage Insurance or Dealer Plate Insurance Coverage. With these various aspects falling under the automotive industry rest assured that The Package Group can prove the expertise and ensure the best coverage is in place to protect your dealership.

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The Package Group employs a team of Insurance Professionals that specialize in Transportation Industry insurance products, including Rental Fleet Insurance and Business Auto Insurance. Our products are some of the most affordable and comprehensive in the competitive fleet insurance arena. Our clients range from stand alone car rental locations, on-site car dealer rental, and businesses with fleet vehicles for employees. If your business is just adding a fleet of vehicles and you're interested in finding out exactly what your options are regarding insurance Contact Us today or click to learn more.

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It's the digital age and you'd be hard pressed to find a successful and efficient organization that has foregone technological advances in favor of doing things the hard way. It's simply the way of the world. If you want to keep up, move forward, and get ahead of the curve and your competitors, digital is your only option. Everything is digital at this point, right down to your ability to use your phone in place of your credit card. While this digital age has provided us with incredible advances and a means to accomplish what would have been months of work in a few short hours, it has also left us vulnerable to hacking, viruses and theft.

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The Package Group is a national insurance agency that offers motorcycle dealers insurance products to keep their property and dealership protected. All motorcycle dealers and custom motorcycle builders are welcome to contact us with any insurance questions.

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